A Night in Gillitie Forest

run by rosaria price and robert shaw

A group of Year 11 students from boarding school Gunnerkrigg Court head out to Gillitie Forest for a camping trip. Despite all expectations on the part of the students, the field trip goes without a single hitch. Except when the students try to leave…

The airship has experienced a vital equipment failure, and the students are stranded at the camp. Even worse, they’re out of radio range and they can’t contact the court. The Medium has sent a message to the Court, but it’s very likely the students are going to be waiting through the night for their ride home.

Written by Rosaria Price and Robert Shaw


Game Details
Session: 1
Number of Players: 16 Players, 4 NPCs
Genres: arcane, punk
Costume: 1940s Era England, School Camping Trip Gear