Rangers: Parks and Magic

run by jared hansen

In a land Faraway. Not far far away. Just kind of far enough away. Far enough to be magical and mysterious. A land of bumbling idiots. And adventurers. And bad guys. Of Ogres. Talking animals. Fairy tale shit. Seems pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

Except for the Rangers, whose solemn duty is to patrol the lands, righting wrongs, you know. Except someone keeps sending them to their deaths. And bugger me, they’re now at the bottom of the barrel. Yeah, you. I mean you. You’re up.

This is a larp. Slightly whimsical. Partly serious. You get to play the part of a person. A character of your choosing. Woah. In a story. In which you may die. Or not.

Species of interest

Generally speaking, you are not limited to being you. You can portray anything you can portray.

Goblins, Trolls, Ogres. Not universally loved but often not argued with except by angry mob. Anthropomorphic talking swashbuckling cats. Pass the leche. Fairy’s. Hold the dust. No really, it’s a poisonous hallucinogenic powder. Oh and regular people too. Regular. Yup.


The story

Once upon a time. In the land of Faraway. Still with me? There is always something going down on the Mainland. Or in the North Island. Or in Easteros. Fire Island. Skull Island. Sealand. Point Island. Bay Island. A LOT of places. With a pinch of Paprika.

A larp inspired by Terry Pratchett and Shrek


Written by Jared Hansen

Game Details
Session: 3
Number of Players: 15-25
Genres: comedy, fantasy
Costume: Medievalish - so anything from up until about the 16th century - see the inspiration sources.