The Always Waltz

run by malcolm harbrow

You are at a decadent masquerade, drinking the sweet wine. Your companion to your left smiles devilishly and bows courteously, your companion to your right tilts her head and curtseys delicately. Never before have you remembered feeling so happy, so alive.

You start to remember something... A child crying? Why is she crying?

She's calling to you... Calling you, something...

Why would you leave your child?

Your pulse quickens and panic rises in your throat, the bile of sweet wine sickening your senses. You go to take off your mask... NO! You MUSTN'T TAKE OFF YOUR MASK. The music flares, and the bells toll. Places, everyone. Places.

You will dance, and rejoice, and you cannot sleep until the bells strike twelve. You will gather the rosemary and dahlias from the moon garden this night to nestle under your pillow. As you do every night. As you must.

The Always Waltz is a game about intrigue and mystery. It is a horror/romance game set in the Napoleonic era. Rococo or victorian fashions are appropriate for this game.

This game is inspired by tales like Labyrinth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. You will start the game thinking you know who you are… but you may discover dark things as the evening goes on. You will have every opportunity to fall down the rabbit hole to discover more, but at what cost?


Written by Caroline Murphy and Alex Brune

Game Details
Session: 1
Number of Players: 17
Genres: napoleonic, historical, intrigue, horror, romance
Costume: "Decadant Masquerade". Regency, Victorian, or anything formal, provided you wear a mask.