The Bloody Murder of Foul Prince Romero and His Enormously Bosomed Wife

run by amanda alderson

The Kingdom of Sicily, mid 1500s.

You’ve received or otherwise somehow obtained an invitation to a massive party thrown at the royal palace of the Borghese family. The word around the street is that the Old King Michelangelo is about to cark it, Crown Prince Carlo is about to be king, Carlo’s daughter Carlotta is now betrothed to the duke of Naples, and Carlo wants to name an heir.

There’s a few notable figures on the guest list, and even a performing troupe has been hired for the night’s entertainment. Rumour has it that the famed La Volpe may even be making an appearance, but that’s probably just a fable, as no one even really knows who that particular political agitator is anyway, or what their agenda is.


Written by Michael Foster and Amanda Alderson

Game Details
Session: 6
Number of Players: 11 male, 8 female, 11 can-be-either.
Genres: historical, comedy
Costume: Inspirations are: Blackadder, “The Borgias”, Italian Renaissance, Elizabethan, Shakespearean, fancy royal parties. Requirements are: As extravagant (or not) as you want/are able to go. In a pinch, plain appropriate blacks will be fine.