The Other Gods

run by brad thompson

Zeus and the rest of the Olympian Gods and Goddess' have vanished! With no one managing their domains the world has fallen into disarray. Fortunately not all of the greek deities are missing...the remaining often forgotten minor Gods, Goddess and Titans have gathered atop Mount Olympus to take over and divide up control of the Universe.

Great opportunities abound to gain the power and prestige to move from being a lesser known deity all the way up to the head of the pantheon. Will you save the world, forge the world anew or perhaps return it to how it once was...? What happened to Zeus and his A-Team? Will the B-Team do any better? Only time will tell…


Written by Brad Thompson & Alexcia Voudouris

Cast List

  • Acratopotes, God of unmixed wine.
  • Adikia, Goddess of injustice and wrongdoing.
  • Amechania, Goddess of helplessness and want of means.
  • Aristaeus, God of bee-keeping and cheese-making.
  • Cardea, Goddess of hinges.
  • Chloris, Goddess of flowers.
  • Kalliope, Goddess of epic poetry.
  • Cyamites, God of beans.
  • Epimetheus, Titan of afterthought and the father of excuses.
  • Ersa, Goddess of the morning dew.
  • Pheme, Goddess of rumour and gossip
  • Eurynome, Titaness of water-meadows and pasturelands.
  • Gelos, God of laughter.
  • Hecaterus, God of the rustic dance known as hekateris.
  • Iris, Goddess of rainbows
  • Kydoimos, God of the din of battle, confusion and uproar.
  • Lethe, Goddess of forgetfulness and oblivion.
  • Loki, God of trust and honesty.
  • Lyssa, Goddess of mad rage, frenzy and rabies.
  • Mithras, Mysterious God of bull-slaying.
  • Momus, God of satire, mockery, censure, blame and unfair criticism.
  • Ophion, Enigmatic Elder Titan.
  • Euphrosyne, Grace of Good Cheer and Celebratory Drinking
  • Phobos, God of panic and fear.
  • Prophasis, Goddess of excuses and pleas.
  • Zephyrus, God of the west wind.
Game Details
Session: 6
Number of Players: 25, Gender split is 50/50.
Genres: greek, myth, gods
Costume: Think greek god outfits. This can range from something along the lines of a toga to extra effects to show more of the nature you embody.