run by rowena knill, reuben strom, dave luxton and alastair kirkby

Humanity has found itself in the centre of a war for Galactic Supremacy. Thinking they were alone, the Terran Federation expanded ceaselessly into the depths of space, only to find that they were anything but.

On one border stretches the expansionist Novan Empire, who up until recently, have been taking world after world with no thought for their native populations. On the other, the United Republic of Free Planets - standing in defiance of the Empire, but sacrificing their own cultures on the pyre of Unity.

The Terran Federation can tip the balance in one direction or another, and so, on a small world in neutral space, diplomats, warlords, scientists and criminals all Converge - seeking the best way forward for them and theirs. Who will live? Who will die? And who will reign ascendant in the wars to come?



Costuming notes

The larp is set at a ball to welcome the Terrans into the known universe. The humans will be a costume light option. One of the civilisations is an Empire, who expanded by destroying other alien planets but recently stopped expanding. Costume for this will probably be simple alien. The third group is a Republic that expands by assimilating other cultures, and so there will be several different costume options for aliens in this group. There will also be some independent groups - possible a host culture, a small group of aliens in a strategic position independent of the big civilisations, and perhaps a pirate ship of aliens.

Game Details
Session: 4
Number of Players: 60
Genres: space opera, sci fi, aliens
Costume: Humans - costume light
Alien - various (see costuming notes)