Slash 5: Your Ships are Problematic

run by ellen boucher

Shipwrecked! Your ship has crashed onto a strange pink planet populated by colourful bears, and now you and your crew have to fix it.'re not the only people who've gotten themselves stranded here. And those strangers are mighty attractive...


Can you all work together to find the missing ship parts, and keep flying? Is Commander Data *really* fully functional? And what's that light-up vibrating weapon for anyway?

Find out in 'Slash 5: Your Ships are Problematic'- an extremely silly adventure in SPAAAAAAAAAACE.
Fandoms include: Star Wars original trilogy, Star Wars 7, Firefly, Star Trek TNG, Alien, and the Care Bears


Written by Ellen Boucher and Nik Crombie (with permission from Mike Young of Interactivities Ink)

Game Details
Session: 5
Number of Players: 7 Female, 10 male, 1 either
Restriction: R18
Genres: comedy
Costume: Anywhere from 'vague idea of the character' to 'full on cosplay'- whatever floats your boat.