Hotel Paradise

run by donna giltrap

Built at the turn of the 20th Century the Hotel Paradise was the height of fashion. It boasted senators, film stars, and European aristocrats amongst its clientele. However, gradually it acquired a somewhat sinister reputation, due to a number of unexplained deaths and reports of eery phenomena. Eventually in the 1980s the building was abandoned - but not by the ghosts who still call it home



Cast List

  • Kitty O'Connor (d 1898) [F] – former chambermaid at the Hotel Paradise.
  • Ambrose Mortimer (d 1898) [M]– original owner of the Hotel Paradise and rumoured practitioner of the occult.
  • Eudora Belinski (d 1898) [F] – a gifted spiritualist.
  • Frankie Lewis (d 1928) [M] – shot in an argument over a gambling game.
  • Lady Isabelle (d 1929) [F] – a wealthy European aristocrat.
  • Seymour Smith (d 1929) [M]– a stockbroker who lost his fortune in the share market crash.
  • Gloria Swan (d 1935) [F]– promising young movie star.
  • Harper P Livingstone (d 1936) [E]– a little known writer of weird fiction.
  • Chester Morgan (d 1946) [M] – a former Congressman.
  • Walter Edwards (d 1953) [M]– dedicated manager of the Hotel Paradise.
  • Leslie R Hoffman (d 1963) [E] – charismatic founder of the Church of Biogetics.
  • Alex Schulz (d 1969) [E]– travelling Amware sales rep and follower of the Church of Biogetics.
  • Brooke Edwards (d 1987) [E] – business woman with an interest in the Hotel Paradise.
  • Terry (d 2008) [M] – a homeless man who sought shelter in the Hotel Paradise.
  • Chris Sanford and Shelby Tyler [E] – mysterious newcomers
Game Details
Session: 1
Number of Players: 11-16
Genres: supernatural, ghosts
Costume: Varies from early to late 20th century