A Night at The Golden Dragon Tavern

run by hannah jackson

The Golden Dragon Tavern is a popular haunt for adventurers in the small town of Coralport. The surrounding area had been plagued by the vicious
Orc necromancer Vanak Grang and his army of orcs, undead and even some undead orcs.

Your characters are all at the tavern, some looking for new adventures, some part way through quests, some just looking for a fun night.

What will happen by the end of the night, what adventures will you choose to set out upon come tomorrows dawn, and how on earth will you cope with the hangover.”

Written by Bryn Jones


Alatar Zakdrafein - Elf Rogue

Eriel Ghostleaf - Elf Noble

Boffim Stonegut -Dwarf Fighter

Melara - Elven Fighter/Magic-user

Garathorn- Human Ranger

Aneana - Human Barbarian

Minto Chubb - Halfling Thief

Kodpease - Halfling Barbarian

Zeenor - Ork Shaman

Merillie Plucke- Human Bard

Galiaine Brightouch- Half Elf Cleric

Tireg Runecaster - Gnome Wizard

Luthian Nytefall -Human Necromancer



Game Details
Session: 1
Number of Players: 13
Genres: comedy, fantasy
Costume: Fantasy