Murder and Matchmaking

run by alastair kirkby and kirsten-jessica miller

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a gathering in an English Country house numbering a number of great detectives must be in want of a body.

Dr Bingly and his new wife Jane, are hosting a ball tonight at their manor house. Present are some of the biggest names from London including that smashing young Detective everyone loves, Sherlock Darcy. Will the evening go ahead just as planned, or will tragedy strike? How many secrets will remain so with so many detectives in one place? And can the dancing really go ahead tonight...

Murder and Matchmaking is a 19th Century Regency era Larp set in an English Country Manor House. Dancing is encouraged, music will be played.

Written by Donna Giltrap


Game Details
Session: 6
Number of Players: 20
Genres: regency, historical, romance
Costume: 19th Century Regency