Narnia and the Coming of Winter

run by daena schofield and joseph outram

The events of the Magician’s Nephew have come and gone. A new threat is on the horizon - The Queen of Charn. The self-proclaimed Queen of Winter and ruler of the Wildlands of the North. She wants the Kingdom for herself but standing in her way is the tree of life, and the reigning monarchs of Narnia.

The King and Queen of Narnia have called together representatives of the various factions to discuss a plan of defence and any other problems at hand.

However, there are rumours of spies and saboteurs in their ranks. Can a plan be developed and the spies ratted out before it’s too late? You’ll just have to come and visit the land of Narnia to find out...

Cast List

  • Adrasteia, a Nymph Lady-in-Waiting - Female.
  • Aquarius, a Merfolk Chieftan - Either.
  • Drake, a Merfolk Adventurer - Male.
  • Duffle, a Red Dwarven Weaponsmith - Male.
  • Fox, Anthropomorphic Fox Courtisan - Either.
  • Giliana of Calormene, a Human Ambassador - Either.
  • Kayra, a Dryad Lady-in-Waiting - Female.
  • Avery of Narnia, a Human King - Male.
  • Leike, a Dream Spirit Courtisan - Either.
  • Morea, a Dryad Protector of Nature - Female.
  • Narcissa, a Human General of Charn - Female.
  • Tyrell of the Archenlands, a Human Prince/Ambassador - Male.
  • Jardis of Charn, a Human Queen-in-the-North - Female.
  • Juliet of Narnia, a Human Ruler of Narnia - Female.
  • Ramandu, a Fallen Star Adventurer - Male.
  • Roonwit, a Centaur Courtisan/Advisor - Either.
  • Rose of Narnia, a Human Princess and Sister - Female.
  • Ruthyl, a Black Dwarven Advisor to Charn - Female.
  • Simon, a Human Merchant - Male
  • Thorn, a Red Dwarven Chief - Male.
  • Timothy, a Faun Magician - Male.
Game Details
Session: 6
Number of Players: 21
Genres: fantasy
Costume: Mid to High Fantasy