All The President's Zombies


Mike Beddes, run by Joe Outram


There are eight characters.

Robert Harding Shrub (M) President of the United States of America

Richard Xerxes (M) Vice-President of the United States

Allen Mussberger (M) Secretary of Defence

Albert Juan Diaz (M/F) Secretary of State

William Williamson (M/F) Secretary of Health & Human Service

General LaTonya Wilson (F) Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Stephen Asadopilious (M/F) National Security Advisor

Thomas Penfro (M/F) Attorney General


Costuming Requirements: It's the modern day Oval Office, so suits and dress shoes are a must. Military dress and decorations a must for the Secretary of Defence and Head of the Joint Chiefs.


A list and description of most of the respective positions of the characters can be found here.

The Department of Health & Human Services can be found here.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff here.

The National Security Advisor is here here.

GM Contact

Joe Outram:


Welcome to the centre of the Free World, ladies and gentlemen.

This adventure focuses on a meeting between the President of the United States, and many of his top advisors.

They are meeting to discuss an extremely unexpected development in the South - zombies are attacking!

Photo from Chimera 2009